Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from
overcoming what you thought you couldn’t.


Duff here. Being a Very Small dog, I have faced Many Challenges. Some are related to the Question: Are These People Canine aficionados? Or not? As You know, I read Their Pant cuffs to survey the lay of the Land. If the answer is Yes, I proceed with the Friendship. If not, I politely meet and greet. Then move over to the corner to Snooze. Living unstuck.

As I age, a few Activities are more difficult to do than Before. For instance, I used to jump up into the Jeep. Anything else would have been Unthinkable! Mom now Scoops Me up and gently places Me inside. At times, Clients bring Me treats. But My Teeth aren’t what They used to be. I wait until the Piece is broken up into Small Chunks. And then I wolf it down. Yum! (And thank You.) But I draw the Line at being carried up the Flight of Stairs to get Home. Mom tries to baby Me. But I am a Grown Up Canine. I can do It! I keep on persevering. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You overcome what You thought You couldn’t? Or do You quietly give up? I say: Keep on pushing. There’s always a Way. Mom once met a Tiny Lady who was a Successful Plumber. Her secret to being able to Cinch up those Pipes? She found out about leverage from Smaller Men who were also in that profession. She never gave Up. I don’t either. You too have what It takes! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#persistence

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