Perpetual Optimism

Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.

—Colin Powell, American Statesman and retired 4 Star General

Duff here. I am a Perpetual Optimist. I was born That way, and have loved Every Minute of Being Me. This ongoing process begins with My waking moments. I move Out of My carrier and stretch, grateful that I can rev up My Body. I then find Mom and We play for a few moments. Warms up the Day for Positive Things. She rubs my Ears and scratches My Back. Since I am eternally Positive, I anticipate this Luxury. That’s living unstuck.

Another example of “I know I can” Optimism? I decided to Climb the Highest Mountain of Plowed Snow I could find. Sure, I had some Slips and Tumbles. And yes. Once I fell through a Thin Crust of Ice up to My Chest. (Note Mom’s Safety Feature: My Fashion Leash.) But I was Increasing My Optimism with each and Every Step. And I made it To The Top! I lived unstuck.

Are You an Optimist Too? Is the Glass half full? Half empty? Or do You Need a Smaller Glass? I say: It all depends on how You View Your World. Join Me and become a perpetual Optimist. The People You meet and Your Experiences in the World will change exponentially for the Better. I’m wishing that for you. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#perpetual-optimism

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