Opportunities Are Coming!

On Monday Morning Football the debate was going hot and heavy about a new quarterback coming into the league. Rookie Mitch Trubisky was the second round draft pick for the Chicago Bears and was vying for the starting position. Talk was he was doing well for the Bears: calm in the pocket, no dancing feet or eyes darting all over the field. No anxiety for this young man. While he was not selected to be the starter at first, he continued to practice and prepare. He lived unstuck.

In the 5th game of the season word came out from his coach that the top 2017 pick of the draft would start in the game against the Minnesota Vikings. Some were uncertain, but Nate Burleson said, “You never know how much a horse can pull until you hook him up to a load.” The coach was going to test the new fellow’s abilities. Trubisky did well until he passed for the tying two-point play and threw an interception. The punch bowl tipped over. The lights turned off and the invitations rescinded. The other team kicked a three-point field goal in overtime and won the game. But Trubisky didn’t get stuck.

He continued to work with his team and has done well for himself ever since.

Nate’s comment has me thinking about opportunities. To reach as far as you can, to stretch and grow is admirable throughout life. No matter your age or situation, there are always doors that will open and people to help along the way. Knock on the door for options, for who knows what’s on the other side. You may be surprised. An open mind, aware of possibility, is the main ingredient for “testing the load.” For you never know . . . Live unstuck.

Is your mind open to adventure? Are opportunities headed your way? #UnstuckLiving

Perfect practice prevents pitifully poor performance.

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