Only a Little Growl

Duff again. Every so often, I have a Yen to Push the Envelope. To assert Myself. To stake My claim. This past week, I thought it a Good Time to Do So. I began at work with a Brief Rumble of Noise. The next day as I was getting down from the Client’s Chair at Work, it was Louder. My Version of living unstuck.

The coupe de grace was Bedtime and I was on The Sofa. Warm and Comfortably ensconced. Mom came to gather Me up. And I let out A Little Growl. Only a Tiny Ripple of Sound. But enough that Mom could hear Me. Definitely not living unstuck.

Her Kinder Personality was replaced by She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed. Her eyes were stern. Her manner clear: what I had done was Not acceptable. And She told Me so in no uncertain terms. I gave the Hard Eyed Look and began to consider My Options. She turned out the Lights, and went to Bed.

Shortly after, I came Slinking Around the Corner and headed Toward Bed. The Nice Mom returned and We had a short discussion. Seems that we don’t do things like that in This Household. After that, all was well. And We continued to live unstuck. (Until the next Time.)

How about You? Do You push the Envelope every now and Again? Or always Do what You’re told? I recommend: if You choose to stretch Your Wings, do so at an Appropriate Time. Take it from Me. I learned the Hard Way so You don’t have to. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#push-the-envelope

Obstacles do not block the path; they are the path.


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