On Goof Ups

When you foul up . . . don’t turn goof ups into give ups.


Duff’s Thought for the Day

Duff here. Have you ever made a gaffe? I mean, something so horrendous you wish you could crawl in a hole and disappear? I did that last week. Every spring, I have this yearning to go outside in the middle of the night. It’s spring. It’s warm(er). I’m ready.

Last week was the time for my big gaffe. One night, while I was in my carrier (Dog Cave), I thought it would be great fun to pant. Then whimper. My bed is at the foot of my mom’s. She immediately woke, filled with concern over my well-being. When I was released, I went to the living room and waited for her to put on my halter. Out we went and I meandered around. Completed a Very Small “Business” and we went back inside.

The next night, I did the same. Mom was trained and got me outside. This time, I disappeared up the hill. Mom was in an unfashionable get-up (long johns, hoodie, boots”¦you get the picture) but she tracked me down. Home we went.

The following evening, mom put me in the office. The computer is there, sporadically beeping all night. There is a small light which I was unaccustomed to. This time, I thought it a good idea to bark. Up the ante, so to speak. Mom came through the door and explained in no uncertain terms how that behavior was unacceptable. Night time is for sleep, apparently. My gaffe was horrendous and my tail was between my legs. My spring break was over. But I still live unstuck. Just more so in daylight hours.

Have you made a springtime mistake, then got corrected? What did you do? How did you handle it? She Who Must Be Obeyed was insistent that we get sleep at night. I say: you might consider if what you did is a battle . . . or the war. Whatever. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving

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