No Treats, No Loving Attention

Duff here. Our Good Friend in South Carolina was disgusted with Herself. She was getting the Cold Shoulder from the Four Mini Dachshunds in Her Home. What in the World happened? She took Herself a Day off. (Her term was being a Lazy Sloth.) Among other things, She did not get Out of the House all Day. That means . . . She ran out of Dog Treats. Heaven forbid! Not living unstuck.

All day long, The Pups were as Good as They could be to get Rewarded. Poor Booker must have gone outside 20 times and didn’t even get a Single Treat. He usually sleeps on Her Feet to keep Them warm. Not anywhere near Her that night. Lucy usually sleeps under Her Right Armpit. Nope! She was on the other Side of the Bed. Not even Wriggly was snuggling up. Dreadful! Our Friend was So Lonely. Learning her Lesson, She hustled Off to the Store first thing in the Morning and secured Bags and Bags of Their Favs. Harmony was Restored! Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You run out of Necessities at Times? Or do You thoroughly Stock Your Shelves? I say: Set Your reserve Cache wisely. Mom has not run out of Treats . . . yet. She knows Better. I think it will be a long time before Our Friend does too. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#dog-treats

No treats, no loving attention.

—Wriggly, Booker, and Guinness

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