New Beginnings

At the end of last year’s season, the reality of the situation in Cleveland was that the Browns had holes all over their roster — despite having 14 picks in the 2016 NFL Draft — and they were still a long way away from being able to compete in the AFC North. The offensive line was ragged and the defensive line needed to be shored up.. Fans expected to see things get worse before they got better for the team. They were stuck in defeat.

It’s 2017. Enter rookie quarterback DeShone Kiser. Time to get unstuck. After being passed up in the first round of the NFL Draft, he showed up for training camp with a “can-do” attitude. He turned heads in the preseason by throwing a game winning 45-yard touchdown in his debut. He then led two scoring drives in his second contest.

DeShone gave the team, the fans and the town a fresh start. As a defensive lineman said, “Last season is finally in the past. The next season is about new beginnings.” No longer stuck.

At times, I have been stuck. Found myself stymied by what was ahead of me. At a loss for how to pull myself out. The most surefire way for me is to hold the goal in my mind, to see it completed. I envision it in full, vibrant color. If there are sounds associated with it, I add them in. And most importantly, the feeling. Where do I feel that success within my body? I anchor the feeling, the scene into my being. And I am no longer stuck. The road to success is mine.

All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.

— Earl Nightingale

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