Never Say Never

As soon as you say “My dog would never” here they come nevering like they never nevered before.


Duff here. After work, Mom and I typically trundle up the Stairs together to get to the Front Door. I’m usually in the Lead, for I know a Meal will be served. And you know how I favor Munchies. And Food. And most things edible. And Mom would say, “He would never go Wandering off without His Dinner. Never.” Definitely! Living unstuck.

But . . . the field next to Our Home has patches of Snow on top of Rocks and Dirt. Brown, white, and black. My Colors! I blend in so well. And did for Some Time as I went Adventuring. Exploring. In the twilight of the Day. I was nearly Invisible! Mom was calling and Calling until She was almost Hoarse. When She caught up with me, She hugged and Squeezed Me so hard. Sheesh! Never say never, Mom. Living unstuck.

How about You? Has Your Dog (or Cat) done Something that You would Never expect? Or are They plain Vanilla in Temperament? I say: If You have a peaceful Animal, You don’t know what You’re missing. However, if You are blessed with a Canine like Me? Lean back and Enjoy. We will have Unforgettable Moments, I guarantee. That’s living unstuck. #unstuck-living#memories

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