My New Friends

Every new friend is a new adventure . . .
The start of new memories.

—Patrick Lindsay

Duff here. As in the Way of Life, I’m getting Older by the day. So, Mom found another Doggy Day Camp that is helpful to Small Canines. This place has a vast back Yard. (Well, at least to Me, it is.) There are Gardens. Grass in some parts. Sunshine and shade in equal Quantities. It’s based in a Home, which is lovely. Peaceful and serene. Not too Many Pups. Just perfect for a Pleasant Time. Living unstuck.

Best of all are the two King Cavalier Spaniels who live there. After a thorough All-Over-Sniff, Both welcomed Me to Their Abode. They are kind and gentle. Willing to play. But Snoozing is also a welcome Occupation. Their Mistress, Lori, is a caring Lady. She thought I needed assistance to get up the Stairs. But You know Me. I’m an Independent Little Cuss. I bounded up the Steps before She could catch Me. (She calls Me Her Little Stinker. Such a term of Endearment.) And when Mom came to pick Me up, Cambridge’s eyes were full of concern. “Where are You taking My Friend?” That’s the sign of a Good New Friend. I’m coming back! Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You making New Friends? Or sticking with Older Ones? I say: Make those New Friends. They will build new Memories with You, and Expand Your World. Sometimes, the Buddies You already Have will gather in These new Folks too. Such a merry Time! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#new-friends

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