My Fluffy Ears

Duff here. We Canines are used to Routine. Very specific actions that happen at Definitely Set Times. One of these is the Way Mom greets Me in the morning. The small Westminster chime sounds at 5:00 am. I start to rustle around in My Den, aka My Carrier, just in case Mom didn’t hear the tones. I have been secured for the Night, so No Bad Thing can get in. (So far, so Good.) Living unstuck.

I then commence from My Den, and Mom rubs My sides and Tummy. Sometimes She sings to Me, but that step is not really Necessary. Following that, I quickly turn, and Mom rubs My Fluffy, Silky Ears. I lick My Chops, for That’s’ the way I express My gratitude. My Paws can’t do what her Hands can. (And no, Her Gesture doesn’t get old, for it’s a Way Mom sends Love to Me too.) It’s living unstuck at its Best.

How about You? Do You have Ways to show Your Love to others? Or do You assume They should know? I say: It never hurts to demonstrate Your Appreciation. Be it a Grand Gesture or Small Thanks, results are almost Guaranteed. More of the Same coming up in the Future. Take it from Me, this Strategy works! Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#expressing-gratitude

The secret to living well and longer is: eat half, walk double, laugh triple, and love without measure.

—Tibetan Proverb

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