My Embarrassing Moments

Duff photoDuff here. Actually, I should have Titled This: Embarrassing Moments I have created for Mom. But no matter. As You have noticed by Now, I am a Dog. While I am a Very Small Canine, I still have powerful Attributes. One of Them is the Ability to Release Digestive Gas. (Otherwise known as Cutting Cheese. Or Passing Gas.) To me, it’s a natural way to Live. And Little Children love it!

But I am a Dog. And Mom is Not. She is embarrassed to No End when I perform this Feat, especially when We are in Public. I quickly gather Myself into a particular Pose and There It is. At the Conclusion of This Behavior, I Smile my Doggy Smile. And live unstuck.

Mom does Not see the Humor in This. Occasionally, she is not able to Gather Me up fast enough to Secure the Area. She is left to Apologize and Run for the Air Freshener. Every so often, She has considered Striking a Match, which is useful to Clear the Air. But then, My Mom thinks the Power of What Is might be Too much. That the Combustion might cause an explosion. Can you Imagine? Not unstuck at all.

I won’t even ask if You have found Yourself In this Situation, for this is a Delicate Matter. But alternatively, has An Embarrassing Moment come upon You, and You wished you could be Whisked Away? Or do You tough it out, Laugh it off and live unstuck? I recommend the latter, for Life’s Calendar flies by too Quickly. You can Follow My lead, and Live Unstuck. #unstuckliving#embarrassingmoments

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

—Charles Swindoll

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