Mom’s Mud Hole Adventure

Duff here. I’m reminiscing again. A few years Back, Mom and I were on a Much Longer Walk. A storm had Moved through, leaving thawed and frozen Parts on the Road. Prior, Mom had picked Her way through Mud Holes and Deep Pools of water on a Dirt Road. When a Fork in the Road appeared This Time, She chose the Road Less Traveled. She would find that Choice was not living unstuck.

I tried to Warn Her. I pulled Back. I skidded in My tracks. But She continued to step along as She does. Suddenly, there was a Big “Crack.” She had stepped through the thin Sheet of Ice. Just as a tree being felled, She toppled slowly to the Ground. Her Boot, Leg and Hip were covered in Mud. The top part of Her was resting on the Ice, her Arm and hand splayed out. She was More Amused than Banged Up. I looked at her and noted, “Clumsy.” Which made Her laugh even Harder.

How to get Up? She decided to wiggle off the Ice. Bad Move. Under She went. Her entire left side was Mud Encrusted. And I gave her Lots of Space. But She was finally on her two Feet. (Bet if She had four Paws like mine, this would Not have happened.) Off We went to complete Our Walk, waving at Astonished Passersby going to work. Now that’s living unstuck.

How about You? Bet You have a Story or Two about Mud and ice. I say: It pays Mightily to have a Sense of Humor in these Situations. Creativity and strength helps. But not as much as A Giggle or a laugh. (I also recommend You avoid those Mud holes. Treacherous critters.) Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#treacherous-mud-holes

If at first you don”˜t succeed, then skydiving definitely isn’t for you.

—Steven Wright

(This is a joke. Honest.)

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