Mom’s Cooking and Smoke

Duff here. Since Mom is spending More Time at the Stove, She has developed certain Endearing Characteristics. She hitches up Her Jeans to take on the Task. Her tea tumbler is close by for Fortification. She is on the Watch for new Flavors and Sauces. (Bet You didn’t know the Dollar Store is a Gold Mine for such Items.) Living unstuck.

Yesterday, Mom got distracted after She left the Chicken Thighs on the stove to boil. When She turned around, the Pot had bubbled over. She quickly picked It up, creating harmony in her Kitchen, and forgot about It. When She turned on the Burner to cook the next Delicacy, It began to smoke from the prior Mishap. The Coil was already Hot, so there was Nothing for Her to do but Stand there and Blow on it to suppress the Smoke and preempt the Alarm. I was astounded at Her cleverness! Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You like Mom, plagued by Neighbors who know You’re cooking when the Smoke Alarm goes off? Or are You a Gourmet Chef? I say: If You’re like Mom, develop Your Creativity. Never know when It will come in Handy. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#smoke-alarms

Can someone invent a fire alarm/smoke detector that
shuts off when you yell, “It’s only food!"


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