Mom Isn’t Infallible

Duff photoDuff again. Last week, it was time to retire my Old Halter. That Piece of Apparatus and I had many good days together. Taking walks. Getting soaked in the Rain. Getting a Good Scratch beneath a strap. But to tell the truth, it was simply Worn Out. Ready for the Trash Bin. Time to live unstuck.

Mom brought home a New Dog Harness. Thank goodness it was in a Shade of Blue. (My last halter was Pink, of all things. Passersby would say to me, “Good girl” not recognizing the fact I am a Boy Dog.) Sheesh.

The Challenge was when Mom put it on Me. Let me tell you: She is not infallible. This Gizmo has a different Configuration than the old One. And I’ll grant the fact it was early in the Morning and She was probably sleepy. When we finally got the Gizmo on Me, I looked at her with my Infamous Squinty Eyes. I noted my Displeasure, for She had put it on Backwards. So uncomfortable. I stamped My Paws. I stood still in Disbelief. And Mom had the nerve to Chuckle. Can you imagine? We weren’t living unstuck then, I can tell you. But She apologized and remedied the problem in Short Order. We were then back in the Swing of Things.

Do You have times when you make a Mistake? You aren’t Infallible either? Do You carry on? Or do you Stop and Apologize? I say: Use the Good manners your Momma taught you (Mine did) and give someone your Regret for your Behavior. That’s all you can do, for how They accept it is up to Them. You have no control over what Their response will be. Whatever, Your job is to live unstuck. And I, for one, am all for that. #unstuckliving#infallibility

The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.

Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed.


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