Duff here. I tend toward Mischievousness every now and again. Now, Mom takes Good Care of Me. And that includes Vitamins and other Supplements. One gem is a Hard tablet, which My Tummy could not Tolerate in Volume. Next step? Mom carefully whacked The Offending Pill into quarters. Smaller portions for Little Dogs that are carefully stuffed into a Piece of Meat. (This was the last Resort, for I rejected Peanut butter.) That’s living unstuck.

But for the Sake of variety, I decided to be Contrary. I wormed the Small Piece out of the piece of Chicken, and carefully placed it on the far Side of the Dish. Some Quarters were even tucked in Behind My water Bowl. Devious. But Mom found out about My Mischief. And promptly took other Measures to get the Product inside Me. I even smiled at her as She did this, laughing at Myself. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You tried to get away with Something? And got Caught? I say: When You’re caught, acquiesce with Good Graces. You might even Smile or Laugh at Yourself. Makes the Medicine go down Smoother. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#mischief

I think I have a sense of mischief and that I can laugh at myself.

—Eric Cantona

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