Meeting and Greeting

When we needed a hand, we found a paw!


Duff here. A while back, We had a Visitor. Elegin is a lovely Belgian Malinois, with beautiful Markings and an expressive Tail. She is also 7 months old, and has tons of Puppy energy. She likes to Play. Before She came to see Us, she had chased a Ball and successfully brought It back to Her Master twenty times. (I prefer to keep My Toy and have Mom chase Me. Easier on Me.) Living unstuck.

When this Gentle Soul met me, She wanted to play with the Little One. I came toddling over to meet-and-greet. Did I tell You Her movements are faster than Lightning? Her Paw shot out as a greeting, and had Me pinned to the Floor! I let out My Ear-Shattering Shriek and shot back into the Hallway. A handshake is one thing, while Being Pawed quite Something Else. We agreed to interact from a Distance, and all was Well. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You easily meet Others, shaking hands and such? Or do You simply nod and Smile? I say: Choose whichever Method You’d prefer. All I ask is if You’re meeting Someone Smaller, be gentle and Kind. Thank you. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#appropriate-greetings

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