Magical Stuff

I don’t care what people think of me. I’m busy. I’ve got magical stuff to do.


Duff here. Are You like Me? At times, I get busy. This usually happens when Mom and I are Out for a Walk. We mosey along for a few feet. Then I get Involved with checking out What’s Going On around Me. I stop and Sniff. I halt in My Tracks and perk up My Ears. As I stare out Into the Forest, I Listen intently. This is Important, for Mom simply saunters along, oblivious to any Dangers coming Our way. Can You imagine? Not unstuck at all.

But I am at the Ready. I don’t pay Attention to What Others think Of Me, (unless They have a Treat). Although I am Small, I am Mighty. My Bark is Fierce, warning all who come Close: I am on the Alert. I watch where I step. And where Mom places her Feet, for I avoid being Trompled On. The Warm Sun feels good on My Back and I know all is Well in My World. I have Magical Stuff to do. Living unstuck.

How about You? Is Your life a hum-drum, every-day-the-same type of Grind? Or do You have Magical Stuff to Do? I vote for the latter. It puts a Sparkle in Your Eyes and a Spring in Your Step. (At least I’ve found that to be the Case.) Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#magical-stuff

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