Love at Christmas

Duff here. Mom and I were chatting about Love at Christmas. Some folks focus on Gifts. Other people celebrate the birth of Christ. While still Others count on Family, with Traditions coming close behind. This year is Different on so many Counts. Family get togethers are on Zoom, which is a Change. Old Traditions are observed, while New Ones created. Recently, Mom tried to recreate a Famous Family recipe with Disastrous Results. Smoke alarms went off. And the Mess? Tossed into the outdoor Trash can. Moving on. That’s living unstuck.

But We both agreed that seven-year-old Bobby had it right. He said, “Love is what’s in the room at Christmas if you stop opening presents and just listen.” To Me, there’s a hum in the Air as the happiness and Joy of the Season fills the room. It lights Our Hearts and fills Our Souls. There may be Carols, or just Christmas music. (Maybe some Treats.) That’s living unstuck.

How about You? Are You stuck on fewer Gifts? No family Traditions this year? Or do You glide along on the Magic of the Season? I say: Choose the latter option. What a delight! Your Heart will be open and filled with Wonder. (Frankly, that’s how I live Every day.) Join Me and Celebrate year ‘round. Live unstuck.

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