Life is Pretty Simple

Life is pretty simple. You do some stuff. Most fails. Some works. You do more of what works.

—Leonardo Da Vinci

Duff photoDuff again. Overall, my life is pretty Simple. I get up in the Morning, ready to Take on the Day. I do some stuff, but unlike Leonardo, my Stuff usually works. While at the office, I am an Excellent Canine Executive Officer. I am aware when Clients need my Assistance. (And When Not.) When I Visit Good Friends, as I did recently when Greeting the Owners of Mail Copy Plus, I am Over-the-Top Excited to See Them. Although I am getting Along in Years, I still show Enthusiasm and Appreciation. I live unstuck.

But when Mom and I work with Clients, they want to Resolve Problems. Sometimes the Issues are Short Lived, as a Job Loss or Change in Focus. Change can be a Challenge. Just ask me. I know. Other times, these Obstacles can be Long Standing, like issues with family members or Wanting More from Life. That’s where I excel, for I Support, Strengthen and Encourage by my physical presence. If Clients are stressed, I can show them how to Relax. (I do that very well by stretching out on the Floor.) Or if they have Problems Sleeping, I can demonstrate the Proper Way to Snooze Away. Mom handles the Other Stuff, for that’s what She does Best. On the whole, I live unstuck and major in What Works.

How about you? Do you do some Stuff? But not get discouraged by The Failures along the Road? Do you Focus on What Works and do More of That? I say: Let the Stuff that Doesn’t Work go. Revel in What Does. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#positivity

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