Leap Year Day

According to 30 Rock, which is an authority on these matters: anything that happens today, didn’t.


Duff here. We’re on the cusp of February 29, Leap Year Day. And what if everything You do Tomorrow was Make Believe? What a Day that would be! And what would You do with this Span of Time where You were totally free to do what You wanted to Do? No deadlines to meet. No adulting for the Day. You could Play hopscotch and Leap onto the Numbers. Meet with Friends and Play all day. (I often do that at Doggy Day Camp.) Living unstuck.

As far as I’m concerned, the February 29 Leap Year Mantra goes something like this:

Today is an extra day.

Today is a special day.

Today is an extra special day.

Tomorrow is Your Extra Special Day. And what better Day is there to try something New than a Day that only comes Around once every few Years? So, I say: Learn to sing cabaret. Zip line. Stand on Your head. Ride an electric bike. Go skiing. Belly dance. Give origami a shot. The World is Yours. Live unstuck. (Well, at least for One Day.) Try it. You’ll like it. I’m with You all the Way. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#leap-year-day

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