Keeping Secrets

Duff here. I can Keep Secrets. Over the years, Many have told Me Their hopes and Dreams, Their Worries and Fears. Quite often, when We were in the Office and I was on the recliner with Them, a Client would whisper in My Ear. Perhaps snuggle into My soft Fur. Or even pet Me. Even a Touch could transmit a feeling: anxiety, future hopes, dashed plans. I am well able to absorb this type of Energy, and change it into the Positive. Living unstuck.

Now my Famous Distant Relative, Duke, the iconic SpokesDog from commercial Fame, was also known to Be unable to keep a Confidence. He kept cajoling His Master, Jay Bush, to share the Secret Family Recipe for those Delicious beans. And then He planned to sell this Precious Treasure for profit and make a little Money on the Side. What an Uproar! The scandal in the Family was the talk of The Canine World. But Duke lived unstuck, using His best Persuasive Skills and living the High Life.

How about You? Can You keep a Secret? Or are You a Newspaper, sharing Information as quickly as it’s Received? I say: Take it from Me and Keep that Off-the-Record chit chat to Yourself. It takes discipline. And discretion. But You will develop Character. (Mom says I’m already Quite a Character.) Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#keeping-secrets

Ps: During these Unstable Times, You can send Your Worries My Way. Mom and I will take care of Them for You. Rest Easy. Be well.

Dogs are better than humans, for they know but do not tell.

—Emily Dickinson

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