Keep Up Appearances

Duff here. I got a Video from Cousin Sylvester. He was in a Snit. He works from Home and His Owner constantly grooms Him to Look Spectacular. He related that He feels quite Confined. Between You and Me, His preference is to roam About and Court the Ladies. He has quite a Following, so has to keep Up Appearances. But to Him? Not living unstuck.

I understand. When We began writing to You, Gentle Reader, I told Mom flat out: I was not going to Be directly featured Online. No how, No way. If She had Her way, She would be constantly Brushing and Grooming Me. Always looking for My Best Side. Primping. Fussing. Even the Thought is too much. I like Me just as I am. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You work at looking Your Best on a Video Call? Or do You throw Caution to the Wind? I say: Relax and be Yourself. You might want to run a Comb through Your Hair. But I say enough! Shine in Your Glory. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#appearances

Keep up appearances, there lies the test. The world will
give thee credit for the rest.

—Charles Churchill

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