Dogs Are Family

Duff here. Yesterday, Mom was telling Me about Her family. She and Her Brother were raised in a Fun Neighborhood. There were 47 Kids on the block. Never a lack of a Buddy to Do something With. This time of year Heralded Summer. School was out. Time to Play. Since computers and Air Conditioning were not Yet invented, Outdoors was the place to Be. She had a Bike and would ride to Many Places. The Park with its playground. The Pool to get Cooled off. Polliwog Pond to watch the tadpoles eventually turn into Frogs. Living unstuck.

She and her Family had many potlucks with Neighbors. I suspect I would have liked to Taste some of those Delicacies. And yes, there were Dogs in Some of These Families. There was Coco, the Chihuahua, next Door. And Zsa Zsa, the Dachshund next to Her. They would bark and Howl at Fourth of July fireworks. And there was a Mutt down the Street. All part of That Family. Mom had a Small Dog for a Brief time. But That Pup Dug up the Camellias in the back yard. Short-lived Stay. Not unstuck at all.

Mom and I are definitely Family. She and I are Very close. We are a Team, both at the Office and at Home. Love abounds, and that’s How It Is. And how about You? Is there a Special Canine or Two In Your Family? I sure hope so, for My Species will bring Delight and Joy to Your Heart. Truly living unstuck. #unstuck-living#dogs-are-family

Life is beautiful. It’s about giving. It’s about family.

—Walt Disney

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