Just Do It

That awkward moment when you’re wearing Nikes . . . and you can’t just do it.


Duff here. I often tackle Projects unfit for a Small Dog as Myself. I mean well, but sometimes just can’t Succeed. The other day, I was Doing My usual Number when We motor down the street: Front seat to the Back seat. Then the front, then the back. I was having a Joyous Time. No issues at All. Feeling My regular Frisky self. Living unstuck.

Then We pulled into a Steep driveway. Now, I had not anticipated this Move on Mom’s part. I generally have all our Driving Turns down; to the post office, our Hypnotherapy abode (home away from Home), the bank. I think You get the drift. But She pulled a fast One on Me. And I was caught between the Front and Back. Couldn’t move either Way. Talk about being Stuck! Mom was laughing so hard She was useless. No help at all until We parked. Then She gently lifted Me and put Me in her lap. (She even had the Nerve to giggle.) Nothing funny about this at all! But I got unstuck. That’s what counted.

How about You? Do You get to the Place where You’re all set to do something? And then just can’t? Or, worse yet, talk Yourself out of it? I say: Gear Up. Just do it. Well, unless You Simply can’t. If that’s the case, just relax and enjoy the Ride. I did. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#just-do-it

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