Is Time Zipping By?

Time moves so fast. From ages 1 to 17, it takes forever. From 18 to 20, it feels like a month. From 20 to 30, it feels like a week.


Duff here. Time is zipping By. Why, when I was a Puppy? There was so much time to Learn new things. I discovered how To Navigate Steps. (I was very small, and They seemed so Big. But I persevered.) I figured out how to Get Doritos on Demand. With My winning Brown Eyes, that was easy. With all that work, I needed many Naps. Living unstuck.

After that Successful learning Period, I took off and Flew. I love riding in Cars. And going to Doggy Day Camp. I will return Home a little Tuckered, but nothing a Couple of Days of Solid Napping won’t fix. This year, the Days sped by. Then the Weeks. And here We are at the end of October! Feels like Thanksgiving is next week. (Turkey, anyone?) And Christmas? It’s the Day after that. Living unstuck.

How about You? Is Time moving quickly for You? Or are You at a Standstill? I say: Savor the Moments as They come. Fast or slow doesn’t matter. The enjoyment of the Present time is key. We Canines know this intuitively; that’s how We live. Seize the day! Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#time

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