I’m Starving

Duff here. You know I am a Chow Hound. Over the years, I have developed A Variety of Techniques to get just One more Scrap of Food. One more Piece of Chicken. It’s 3:00 pm. Tea time. Could half a Puperoni be in the Works? Of course, it could. I am a Good Boy, and deserve the Best. That’s living unstuck.

When I was a Puppy, I had this down to a Fine Science. My Doggy Daddy would create a wonderful meal. (He was the best Chef going, bar none!) The Scents were fragrant and filled the Kitchen. My Mouth watered at the Thought of What Could be. Mom and Dad would then sit down to eat. And I would position Myself with a View of What was on the table. Pleading Eyes. Looking faint for lack of Sustenance. Mom couldn’t handle My Performance, and tucked me into My carrier. She finally fed Me before They dined, but that didn’t Stop My tactics. Sometimes successful. But often not. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You used a Strategy to achieve a Goal? Was it Always successful? Or did it Flop at times? I say: Keep on with Your Plan. You’ll never know when It will succeed beyond Your wildest dreams. I would tell you about the prime Rib, but that’s another story . . . Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#strategies

The dog has been fed. Don’t listen to his lies.


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