I’m a Hero

Duff here. In the past few Months, Mom discovered Podcasts. (I know, I know. They have been around for ages. But She is a Slow learner.) Right before Hallowe’en, She came across some Spooky Stories. Some were about a Haunted classroom. Another about a Family visited by Skinwalkers. Still another about a young Boy, wandering in the Woods, who came across a Creepy old House. Didn’t sound unstuck at all.

All very well and Good to listen to in Broad daylight. But Days are shorter now. Mom walks early in the Morning at 0-Dark 30. She has a flashlight, but Still . . . When She was thoroughly entranced with one of These Stories, a snapping crackling sound came from Behind her. Her imagination ran Wild. She walked a little faster. Then faster yet. She was practically running when She arrived Home. Out of breath, She gathered Me up. And I was Her Hero. No one could get to Her now. (We do that for each other.) That’s living unstuck.

How about You? Are You scared at times? Or do You laugh at Scary Mysteries? I say: There are times for Both. I will be here to see You through those Spooky Times, for I am a Hero. If We both get shaky, We can huddle together. All part of living unstuck. #unstuck-living#being-a-hero

PS: Best recommendation? Listen to spooky stuff during the Day. Trust me. Your mind will create enough other Fantasies.

Voices are whispering in the trees and the night is crowding with the unseen.


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