I Love You

Duff here. Mom was reading an Article to Me the other Day. One of the Tips for a Happy Relationship was to endear Yourself to the Other as You left home for the Day. For Many, this would be kissing Your Significant Other, after You told them You loved Them. There would be banter and laughter as You sailed out the Door. What a Delightful way to begin Your day! Living unstuck.

With a Canine in Your Life, it’s a bit different. My Great Aunt Georgina had an Abundant Coat. It was Luxurious. Soft and Fluffy. But She took after the Side of the Family that shed Their fur. (Not like me. Everything stays Put, just as it should.) Her Owner found when She was wishing Her a Fun Day as She left for work? The Kiss would often end in a Mouthful of Dog hair. Her Owner was amused by the Gift that My Great Aunt would bestow. Such devotion! Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You kiss goodbye as You leave, and tell the Other You love Them? Or do You just take off without a backward Glance? I say: Slow down and Cuddle for a Moment. It pays dividends, and You probably won’t even have any Negative residual effects. If You do? Consider It a Token of Affection. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#I-love-you

True Love Stories Never Have Endings.


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