I Exercise Patience

Duff photoDuff again. Have you ever noticed when you go to town with Some People, they attract others to chat with? I sure have. My mom seems to meet people non-stop when we are out and about. These visits are spirited and lively, punctuated by laughter (and Serious Stuff at times). The ones involved have a great time. And there I am, way down beneath it all. When I was a puppy, I would make a bid for attention. Now that I’m a Grown Dog, I mind my manners. I exercise patience and live unstuck.

At first I stand and check out the scenery. Many Scents to explore. An extensive variety of Vistas to see. If the chit chat is lengthened, I sit on my haunches. This action depends on the warmth of the ground beneath me, for I have Sensitive Parts, you know. And I’m still happy to be involved. If the chat is even longer, I stretch out and luxuriate. Patience is mine. I live unstuck.

Do you have times where you exercise patience? Are you Waiting for Someone to finish a heart-to-heart Exchange? Or perhaps in line somewhere at a store during the Hot Season of Summer? I say: Do so and enjoy it. Check out scents and vistas, no matter where you are. You never know what you’ll discover. Quite often, I am pleasantly surprised. You will be too. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#newadventures

Patience is not simply the ability to wait—It’s how we behave while we’re waiting.

—Joyce Meyer

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