Hurry Up!

Duff photoDuff here. For the last week or so, a very cold North Wind has been with Us. It blasts through any nook or Crevice, icy Fingers reminding Us what Winter is all About. Since I am a Canine, I need to go outside to relieve Myself. That first Jaunt of the morning is Bracing indeed. And I have a Routine. I take My Time to find the perfect Spot, often leading Mom further and further down small Valleys. I’m living unstuck. But Mom? Not so Much.

Now, on the way back, it’s a Different Story altogether. I’m pulling at the leash. (Well, as much as a ten-pound Mutt can.) Halfway to Our Home, Mom reaches down and releases the Hound. I spring into action for I am Speedy, every now and Again encouraging Her to hurry up. I even circle back to make sure She realizes I’m very Cold. She is the One with the Key for The Door. Without Her? I’m stuck at the Entrance to Our Place. Waiting. (I think “hurry Up” is a great strategy, don’t You?) Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You often waiting for Others in less than desirable Situations? Or are You just laid back and Chill? I say: A little encouragement every Now and Again is a good Thing. And It can get You into Warm and Cozy places. Living unstuck. #umstuck-living#encouragement

You only fail when you stop trying.


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