How Will You Celebrate?

Last week, the Detroit Lions made a touchdown. As typical for today’s games, these large athletes celebrated . . . by doing the Radio City Rockettes’ can-can. Yes, even the shy, retiring Matthew Stafford was in the line, kicking up a storm. And I got curious. How did they ever learn to do that? How did they get unstuck?

Turns out famed rapper/actor/comedian, KRS-One (Kris Parker), renowned touchdown celebration consultant, had worked his magic. He showed up in the locker room one day, wearing a tee shirt labeled: Boogie Down Brown, LLC. Below that: Inc. NFL 360. Here he is, a balding, skinny, energetic dude with an outrageous proclamation. He loosened up the players’ mentality by asking if they knew what he was holding in his hand. He had a football but insisted it could be a phone. Or a wall decoration. Or . . . The list was endless. Then he had them stand and began to rehearse the can-can. “Knee, kick . . . knee, kick . . . knee . . .” and on it went. The fellows got to laughing but followed through. The rest is history. They were doing some unstuck celebrating that next touchdown.

New Year ‘s Eve is fast approaching. Time to turn over a page on the calendar and face the New Year. Will you move into a contemplative mode? Take a look at what happened in your life in 2017 and decide to change some areas? Figure out some goals and set deadlines? Or will you celebrate with the best of them? Or will you do a Boogie Down Brown, LLC and create what you want to do in your hearts of hearts? Happy New Year! Live unstuck. #Unstuck Living

You only live once,

But if you do it right, once is enough.

—Mae West

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