How Do You Recoup?

After AFC and NFC playoffs last weekend, two teams advance to the Super Bowl. Huge headlines, celebration in locker rooms, jubilation among the fan base. But to have that happen, two other teams also had to lose. Gloom and doom. Dark Skies. A dreary outlook.

The Jacksonville Jaguars had a fairy tale season. Blake Bortles stepped into the breech and did his best to lead the team to a victory. The team played well together and coaching was superb. But when up against the New England Patriots, the best in the league, it was a challenge to come out on top. Not this year.

The Minnesota Vikings played their hearts out. The week before they made playoff history by becoming the first-ever team to win in a walk-in fourth-quarter “Minnesota Miracle” touchdown pass. Some said the reveling after that game took the wind out of the Viking’s sails when they faced the Eagles last Sunday. Just not up to par.

After having the best season in this century, Coach Marrone of the Jaguars told how this loss was right under a death of someone who is close to you. It takes a while to settle down, unwind from the frenzy of competition and take stock of the situation. But grief is also Mother Nature’s finest motivator. Like a reboot of a computer, it’s time to begin the practice of moving toward a win again. But not until the healing is complete.

Are you like me? You have had opportunities come your way. You have worked hard to achieve that goal, but somehow it eluded you. Or you were courting a lady, hoping for the best. But it didn’t work out. Or you were dreaming of a vacation. But your husband fell ill and you didn’t go. The remedy for recovering? Take time out and step back from what’s happening. Do something different. Enroll in a class. Perhaps even take a short weekend getaway. A breather is good. And when that new perspective comes your way, you’ll be ready to take life on. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving

Leap and the net will appear.

—John Burroughs

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