Heroes and Privilege

Rock bottom has built more heroes than privilege.


Duff here. Have You ever been at the Bottom of Life’s Barrel? I mean, absolute Rock Bottom? Every now and Again, I get into that mode and Wail. Bemoan My fate. Wonder what other Canines are doing. This occurs when Mom leaves Me in the Car when She goes in and pays for Gas. Or into Grocery markets with food. Or restaurants. I bark. And Fuss and Bounce around. I am at Rock Bottom. Not unstuck at all.

But then . . . lo and behold. She returns, smiles and taps on The Window. I am fierce as I defend My Car. (For it is My Vehicle.) I go from the Front To the Back, letting Her know I am at the ready to take on Any Intruders. When She gets back inside My Vehicle, I greet Her with enthusiasm. I am a Hero to her, and I know it. Living unstuck. How about You? Have You hit rock bottom? Then bounced back up to New heights? I say: It’s worth The Struggle. And You’ll build Character, too. (And Mom says I’m a real Character.) That’s living unstuck #unstuck-living#heroes-and-privilege

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