Heads Up Ball

On Sunday’s game Antoine Bethea, an Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman, was playing heads-up ball. Jameis Winston, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback launched a shot toward his receiver. While there were three receivers on the field, he chose the one that was open, the one with the best opportunity to make a play. But the Cardinals lineman used his agility and played the ball. He quickly swooped in and attempted to intercept the pass but lost control as he rolled over twice to the sideline. Later on in the game, Bethea repeated his move. This time he caught the high point of the pass and made the interception. He was not stuck in the typical defensive mode: blocking and tackling. He expanded his horizon. He is a real ball hawk.

Now, ball hawks are nimble and can come in diverse forms. If I have a friend in trouble, rather than plow in with advice I can be a ball hawk. I work on remembering to ask, “Do you want me to help you solve this? Or do you just want me to listen?” Or a child having difficulty with math in school. I can be a ball hawk and ask if she needs help, if he needs a tutor. Or someone who has had a death of a spouse. I can be a ball hawk and remember the most difficult time is after the memorial service. After the family has gone home and friends are involved with their own lives a brief phone call, an invitation to go for a walk or simply taking a look at what needs to be done and following through can make a life-affirming difference. Live unstuck.

Are you playing heads-up ball in your life? Are you a ball hawk? #Unstuck Living

Most talented players don’t always succeed.

Some don’t even make the team. It’s what’s inside.”\

—Brett Favre

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