Happy Mother’s Day

There’s no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one.

—Jill Churchill

Duff here. Mom and I were Chilling Out on the Sofa the other Day. And I started to think about All the Things She does for Me. Feeds me delicious Food. Walks Me. Washes my bedding, of which I have a Lot. Fusses over me if I have the punies. (Even to the point where She’s up all hours of the night, Checking on Me. Yuck!) Living unstuck . . . in one way.

But above All That, She loves Me. All of Me. She thinks I’m the Greatest. She lets me know I’m Smart. And Clever. She tells Me I’m a Handsome Dude. She is proud of Me when I do Well. And comforts Me when Life doesn’t quite go My way.

So I sent a Shot of Love from My Heart to Mom’s. As She sat there, I could see Her begin to perceive the Feeling: the Love, the Happiness, the Joy that She’s My Mom. She Looked at Me and got Tears in her eyes. She gathered Me up and cuddled Me. Heart to heart, We filled each Other up. That’s living unstuck.

Have You ever had an Experience like That? One where You are struck by how Wonderful Your Mom or another Person is? And Words cannot express? I say: Open Your Heart. Send that emotion. It will Multiply far beyond Your Wildest Dreams and fill Both of You with Appreciation, Tenderness and yes . . . Love. Happy Mother’s Day to All Those Mothers out There. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#happy-mother’s-day#

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