Grumpy and Ungrateful? 5 Tips to Set You Right for The Season

Thanksgiving is almost here and the theme of the season is gratitude. But maybe you aren’t feeling very grateful right now. You are rewinding and repeating the same old drama in your mind like a broken record. You feel constantly drained for all your negative thoughts and actions. You expect the worst from each situation, with the claim you don’t want to be “disappointed.” Resentful and angry, you are hostile to everyone you meet. Someone else is always creating a problem for you, for nothing in your world ever goes right. You feel like Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh, for every day is a Crisis-Crisis-Disaster! Day.

You’ll know you have this downtrodden attitude if:

  • your friends are tired of hearing your constant grumble of discontent.
  • your venting, griping and whining begins when you wake and gains momentum until you fall asleep at night. The next day is more of the same.
  • you have reached the point where even you are bored with your bellyaching.

Tired of being grumpy and ungrateful? Here are five tips to set you right for the season.

  • Go on a Complaint Diet. Limit the number of times you vent about a situation to three. That’s right, just three. Or get it out of your system in the first 72 hours, so it doesn’t set up permanent residence in your thoughts.
  • Start a gratitude journal. To be most effective, take one thing you’re grateful for each day.  The write down five specifics about that. For instance, I am grateful for my close friends. Next the specifics: they laugh with me, they helped me move (to me, that’s above and beyond), they showed me the importance of WD 40 and Duck Tape, they helped me gain perspective after my husband’s death and they have my back. Emotional energy is the key here.
  • Realize that your life is not perfect. And get over it. Often, it is easy to take things for granted. The power went off, and you can’t talk to your friends right now. Move on and make the best of it.
  • Hatch a plan and gain momentum. Your weight not where you want it to be? Work on changing your eating patterns. Or develop an exercise program.
  • Weed out the “always”, “everyone” and “all-or-none” words. Ask yourself if what you are thinking is true. And then again, if it’s really true. After all, if you paddle in mental circles, you’ll only make yourself seasick.  Your world will change for the better as you reshape your thoughts.

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