Getting in the Last Word

Etc: end of thinking capacity

—The Curious Brain

Duff here. Before a Client arrives, Mom and I sit in the Waiting Room. I am usually on Mom’s Lap, so She can control My wild greetings when the Newcomer arrives. When I create a Fuss like that, I let Mom know there’s Someone at the door. Isn’t that part of a Dog’s job? I am superb in that area. Living unstuck.

Last week while We were waiting, I heard a car Door slam. I let out a “whuff.” Mom said, “Shush” and tapped Me on the head. I whuffed again, and She responded. We went back and Forth like this for five or six times, when I stopped. After a Respectable minute or Two, I let Her know I would have the last Word. Whuff. She laughed and I smiled My Doggy Smile. Living unstuck.

How about You? Are You determined to have the Last Word? Or are You willing to chuckle and let It Go? I say: Mom does the latter quite often, for I will have the Last Word. I’m unsure if it’s important, but there You have it. Whuff. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#tenacity

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