Following Mom

Duff here. I am a Watchful Canine. If Mom’s moving around Our Place? I have one Ear cocked, ready for Action. If She leaves the Room? I get up and check Out where She’s going. Especially if it’s in the Direction of the Kitchen. I am particularly Aware of the Rustle of Snack Bags. I’m on Point! Living unstuck.

I think We’d all agree Mom is a Strong Woman. Independent too. Ever since I was a Little Puppy, when She would go into into the Bathroom, I would curl up in front of the Closed Door. When She opened the Door again? I was satisfied She had not escaped and We’d move on with Our Day. (When visiting another Friend, I even did that at her Home. She was amused, to Say the Least.) Once, I checked the Facility to see if there was Another Way Out, just in case. One can never be Too Sure. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You keep watch over Others? Or let Them do Their Thing? I say: Let Them roam about as They Please. Except when They use the Powder Room. Then keep a Close Eye on Them. I do this even when I settle in the turn in the Hallway at the office. I can see both the Bathroom and Mom in the Main Office. Clever, no? Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#a-watchful-pup

Personal stalker. I will follow you
wherever you go . . . bathroom included.


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