Flying a Ground Kite

Duff photoDuff here. In My Puppyhood, I had a tremendous Amount of Energy. I would run and Play for Most of The Day, collapsing in a Heap after Great Exertion. My Way of playing Fetch was a favorite, where Mom would toss the Rope Bone. I would gather It up, and She would chase Me to get it back. And We’d do it again. Ah, those were the days. Living unstuck.

Before Mom got wise to another of My Tricks, She would walk Me on a Long Leash. That was particularly entertaining. I would run from one Side of the Walkway to the Other. And She would tag along or watch as I did so, probably Hoping I would burn off some Energy. Alas, that was Not the Case. I especially had a Magnificent Time taking Her through the Forest and quickly wrapping the Leash around trees and Bushes. She finally got savvy, and stopped My Antics as a Ground Kite with a Shorter Lead. A sad Day, that One was. But We manage well anyway. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You had a Time where You were Bodacious around a Friend? Or have You always been a Stick in the Mud? I say: Liven it up a Bit every now and Again. You can both Laugh and Giggle, savoring the Moment. And create Wonderful memories too. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#bodacious-behavior

Walking a dog on a long leash is really just flying a ground kite.

—Darby Hudson

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