Find a Voice in a Whisper

Find a voice in a whisper.

—Martin Luther King, Jr.

Duff here. I was considering this Concept the other day. A voice in a Whisper? Hmmm . . . Must be a pretty Powerful hushed Tone. I use all Sorts of Whimpers and Soft Sounds to Talk with Mom. There’s the Up-and-Down murmur when I Need to Go Outside. There’s the Excited Almost Yip when I get to go to Doggy Day Camp. The Muffled Whuffs when I chase Squirrels in My sleep. All part of living unstuck.

But I have discovered Something even more Persuasive: Silence. When Mom prepares My meals, I sit at the Edge of the Kitchen (so We don’t Collide) and Quietly Stare. Ever had Someone look at You Intently? Well, I’m a Master at this technique. Mom knows to Hurry Up and get The Goodies in My bowl. Let me tell you. It Works. It’s the Closest thing to a Whisper but even more Effective. A True Power Mode. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You have a Booming Voice? Or is it Soft and Mellow? Loud and boisterous? Quiet and peaceful? I recommend: Hone Your Skills in this Area, for there is a Time and Place for Variety. Martin Luther King Jr. would agree, I’m sure. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living# the-power-of-speech



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