Food limit reached. Start sleep cycle.


Duff here. Thanksgiving is my favorite time of The Year. It’s not just the Tidbits and Turkey on the Big Day. No indeed. We start the Day before, and continue until the Leftovers are all gone. And depending on Mom’s appetite, that could be many Days. And then there are the Secret Stashes in the Freezer. The Anticipation is almost overwhelming. Living unstuck.

Yesterday, I specialized in Turkey. Well, there was a scrinch of Mashed Potatoes too. (My favorite!) When I approached the Food Dish, I was intent on Chowing Down. Now, Mom can pet Me and tell Me what a Good Boy I am. And I sigh, content with that Acknowledgement. But I continue to Munch. Don’t bother Me, Mom. And after We tuck in? It’s Time for a Little Nap. Or a Long one, depending on how full We are. All is well. Living unstuck.

How about You? How did You feel after Your Munch Fest yesterday? Or were You kind to Yourself, and toned It down a bit? I say: Go for It! It’s the one Day of the Year When You an eat to Your heart’s content. Everyone’s enjoying the Feast too, so No One will make You wrong. That’s living unstuck. #unstuck-living#feasting

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