Fall is Here

Autumn is just beginning to make itself felt, with light fingers of cooler weather in the mornings. As I step out for my morning jaunt, I pull on my hoodie for some warmth. Halfway through the sashay, off it comes for my body is moving right along by then. The afternoons are still warm, punctuated by monsoon thunderstorms. But early fall is in the air.

The aspens are beginning to get the brown and gold tones of the change in the season. As I walk through the neighborhoods and through the forest, the sounds seem softer and gentler as the days grow shorter. The birds are getting fewer as they wing their way south in that familiar V formation. What surprised me this year is the migration started in mid-August, much sooner than I remembered.

Our snowbirds are still with us, and I for one am grateful. Those summer visitors bring a different energy and vitality to the Mountain. I look at what’s happening in our town and am proudly amazed. So many activities to choose from! Beautifully restored cars are also starting to appear, possibly in preparation for Run to the Pines and the Fall Festival. Wow! Its right around the corner. Seems the pages on the calendar are flipping by so quickly!

In the evenings, the forest animals tuck themselves in for the night. The birds with their sleepy chirps, the squirrels curled up in the warmth of their tails and the bears arise from their daytime slumber to forage at night. They all have their familiar rhythm.

The outstanding Arizona sunsets have been gracing us with their presence with a palette of colors. At times, there is a weather condition that throws these colors back to us. The sun casts a light peach over the scene, soft and comforting as the sun goes down. Everything that’s visible is this warm tone, coloring everything in a bowl of warmth and color. As the sun goes down, the stars come out, with their twinkling glow. Such a comfort to be able to close the day this way. It’s time to shut down the mind and settle in for the night. Slumber is not that far away.

Are you the same way? Is it easy for you to tuck yourself in for the night and sleep soundly? Want to stop the chatter to drift off in peace? I developed this short 5 minute HypnoSnax to help you put an end to sleepless nights and get unstuck. Try it for free tonight, but not (of course) while driving. Fill out the form on this page (title Bothered by constant mind chatter?) You’ll receive a link to download this Stop the Chatter HypnoSnax. You will quickly calm your thoughts. You can enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep.

I’m curious: what are your feelings about the fall season? Are you able to quell your thoughts and fall asleep quickly? I’d love to hear in the comments section below.

[divider style=”icon-center” border=”small” icon=”leaf” width=”50%”]Bringing over 30 years of experience to her practice, Joan is a highly qualified NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist. She specializes in anxiety, panic attacks, fears, and phobias, using her knowledge to help her clients become no-limit people. Many have found her friendly ways and precise techniques to be the easiest road toward a better life.

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