Easter Egg Hunts

Easter Egg Hunts: proof your child can find things when they really want to.

—Betsy Farrrell

Duff here. Easter is a special time. A Holy Time of the Year. And I revere All it means. Mom has told Me Chocolate bunnies and eggs have filled the stores. She even saw a Little Mermaid Easter basket. And a Bat Man basket. (Please know, I’m Robin.) What a precious way for Little Ones to celebrate this Sacred Day. Living unstuck.

If You’re setting up an Easter Egg Hunt? You have your Own Opinion about how successful It will be. A few years back, Mom and I were talking with a Neighbor. He was so discouraged. Mother Nature had dumped a Big Load of Snow on Us two days before the Hunt. His Wife had talked him into putting out the Eggs, no matter What. His opinion: The Kids would follow His Big Old Boot Prints and easily find the Colored Goodies. What’s the Fun in that? Living unstuck.

How do You celebrate Easter Egg Hunts? Join Family and Friends? Or do You skip It? I say: Celebrate in the Way that’s Best for You. Have fun and Experience the Joy. Happy Easter. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#Easter


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