Dogs and Christmas

The shame of that Christmas outfit rendered me immobile.

—The Duff

Duff here. Long ago, Mom thought it would be a Great Idea to dress Me up in a Santa Outfit. Bright red, it had Fur around the edges. And a cute little Belt with a Gold buckle. And a Santa hat. Mom struggled to put It on Me, for I was having None of it. She finally pinned Me down. And ta-dah! There I was, in all My glory. According to Mom, I was living unstuck.

But the Expression on My face told a Different Story. I was so ashamed of Being in this Costume. I stood stock-still, with My paws rooted to the ground. Oh, the embarrassment! Mom thought I’d get used to It after a while, and walked away. As soon as She left the Room? I bucked like a Pony, with the vain hope that I could shed Myself of this Contraption. She peeked around the Corner and laughed. Not good! But She did take It off, and it was donated the very next day. That’s living unstuck.

How about You? Have You been outfitted in a Costume, not to Your liking? Or do You take it all in stride? I say: Strive for the Latter. But if it’s that Awful? Turn and twist. Buck a bit. Make a fuss. I found it will get You the desired Result. Living unstuck. #unstuck-living#dogs-and-christmas

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