Doggy Day Camp

Triple D Boarding photoHello! It’s Duff. I recently returned from Doggy Day Camp at my favorite boarding facility. It’s a ranch (can you imagine?) with wide open spaces and many other Dogs to play with. I stay in the Small Dog area, for that’s where I belong. The owner tells mom that my favorite activity is to check out the perimeter of that Spacious Pen. My secret is: that’s where other Dogs have marked their territory. I check out the lay of the land, for one can’t be too sure. And then I play to my heart’s content. It’s nice to have some time off from my Job of comforting people. I live unstuck.

Before mom’s trip, when we begin to head toward the Camp, I’m unsure of where we’re going at first. Halfway there, though, I begin to get excited and jump from the car’s front seat to the back. Doggy Day Camp! And when we make the last turn, I am beside myself. I add a side-to-side jump. And even bark and excitedly whimper. We finally arrive and mom releases me. I bolt out of the car and greet the ranch’s owner. Next, I am let into the walkway and the play area. Nary a look back, for mom’s okay doing her thing. I’m doing mine. Living unstuck.

How about you? Do you take little weekend getaways? Mini vacays? Big Vacations? When do you get excited? When the vacay is coming? When you finish packing the car? Beyond the city limits? Is that when your tummy does a little flip? And you are free. (If you were like me, your ears would stream in the wind). I say: enjoy the time. Frolic and play. Revel in the new and different. I do and would highly advise you to do so, too. Live unstuck. #UnstuckLiving

Life is best danced to the song of your heart.

—On a decorative tile

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