Dog Art

It’s Duff once again. As I travel in Our Car, I revel in the Landscape as it goes by. There’s so much to see: Cars with other Drivers, horses and cows, People walking along the road. Whatever you can conceive of, it’s there for All to see. The scenario is: I’m in Mom’s lap with my Paws on the windowsill. And as we Ride along, my Snoot often touches the window, leaving Nose Art. The means for this Art is Dog Doinks, left by the moisture on my Nostrils and my Breath. I revel in my Creations. I live unstuck.

Mom, however, feels Differently about my Creativity. Somehow, She thinks the Car Windows are Dirty. Each time we stop for Gasoline, She uses the Gas Station Squeegee to erase my Craftsmanship. Carefully moving the gizmo along the Glass, She erases what my talent has produced with my Doggy Proboscis. But I am Intrepid in my Endeavors. Even by the time we arrive Home, I will have Created an entire new set of Masterpieces on each window. I live unstuck.

How about You? Are You involved in an ongoing Expression of Who You Are? Do You develop this with your Personal Art? Or do you use Other Ideas to Convey Your Inner Being? I say: No time like the present. The Clock of Life is Ticking, each minute adding up to a Full Existence. Sixty Seconds that will never Return. The time is Now to celebrate Life. Live unstuck. #unstuckliving#dogart

Our Car windows aren’t Dirty . . . that’s my Nose Art made with Dog Doinks.

—The Duff and Mom

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