Did You Say Treats?

Did you seriously just ask me if I wanted a treat?
Have I ever said no?


Duff here. Aunt Agnes was a Food Hound. Munchies were Her favorite. No matter where They were, no matter the Time of Day? She was at the Ready. Her Owners liked to leave treats all throughout the House. She would root about, turning Over Blankets and checking out Corners. Once, She found a dried-up Old piece of Meat in a Guest’s coat pocket. It had been long Forgotten, but She was on Top of It. Oh my! Living unstuck.

I am a Master at This Task. When Mom goes out for a Meal with a Friend, She often tucks a bit of Something in a napkin for Me. Then tucks it in her Purse. I have a super Fantastic Sense of Smell. When She puts Her purse down in the Car? I dive in, Nose first, and discover what gift She has brought. Once, I fell over the Edge of the Seat, and plop! Landed on the Handbag. I was not deterred, for I ate the Morsel, Napkin, and all. Ah yes. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You bring Snackerels home for Your Four-Legged Fur Babies? Or are They consigned to Dog Food forever? I say: Liven it up a Bit. They need to live It up too. I love Little Pieces of Meat and such. But draw the Line at vegetables. No green Peas for Me. Enough. Live unstuck. #unstuck-living#treats

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