Daylight Savings Time

Duff again. We here in Arizona do not celebrate Daylight Savings Time. The Hours stay as They are, Much to My pleasure. But this Spring of 2019 was different. The little bedroom Clock chimed in the early Morning. Then Mom’s iPhone alarm began its tones, starting the day at 5:00 am. We both thought it Early, But what can You do? Confused living! Not unstuck.

Mom sleepily rolled Out of Bed. She tossed towels in the Washing machine. Got dressed and Hooked up My halter. Out We went to a Very Dark Day. Walked and walked, grateful for The Flashlight. (Did I mention Dark?) We returned Home, and Mom started fussing with the Timers for Our Lamps, convinced we had an Unnoticed power failure the Night before. But as She checked a Battery powered timepiece, She discovered: The Time on her iPhone was an hour off. How We laughed. And made the Adjustment, Pleased to Be In Synch with the World. Finally. Living unstuck.

How about You? Have You had Something Unusual come up in Your Life? How did You handle It? Smoothly? Or were You all futzed Up? I recommend the former. Laughter will iron out all The Wrinkles. And It makes Life more fun. Go for it. Live unstuck

The mind is like an umbrella. It only works when it is open.

—Scientist Sir James Jeans

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