Dancing With Mom

Duff here. Mom and I have a lot of Fun and Frivolity. Every day, there’s Something new. The other morning, We were doing Our Regular Routine before Work. Our walks. Then Mom grooms Me. Then Herself. (I think She’s fine as She is, but She likes some Sparkle and Shine.) And the rest of the Day was unfolding as it should. Living unstuck.

But this Time? An Alarm went off on Her Phone. It’s a jazzy tune, Designed to put a Smile on Your Face. She scooped Me up. And We danced. Now at first, I wasn’t at All certain this was a Good idea. But after a Moment or two? My Tail was wagging, and I was getting into the Swing of It. And I did indeed have a Spring in My step when She put Me down. Living unstuck.

How about You? Do You do Something to put Delight in Your Life? Or do You simply Plod along? I say: Shake It up, and Trip the Light Fantastic. Sure sets a Delightful tone for The Day. And I personally Highly recommend it as a Way To live unstuck. #unstuck-living#Fun-tone-for-the-day

The rule is you have to dance a little bit in the morning before you leave the house, because it changes the way you walk out in the world.

—Sandra Bullock

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