Dance to Your Own Music

When a player makes a touchdown, he can celebrate. In the “old days,” the player simply spiked the ball into the ground. Or no festivity at all: he would toss the ball to the closest official. But 23-year-old Alex Collins, running back for the Baltimore Ravens, took this to new heights. When he made a touchdown last weekend, he celebrated by doing an Irish dance. And you’re probably saying to yourself, “Irish dancing on a football field? Really!” Collins said, “Others laugh at me, but it helps with my conditioning and footwork.” To prove it, he is having a banner year, leading the NFL in yards per carry. He’s living unstuck.

All football players strive to get and stay in shape. Rather than hitting the weight room or running endless laps, Alex got intrigued by Irish dance. His high school coach’s daughter introduced him to the steps, and away he went. He finds he is more explosive on the field, balancing on his toes for quick bursts of speed. (Think Michael Flatley in Feet of Flames). His deft lateral moves keep him well out of the reach of defensive linemen. Acrobatics and gymnastics were next for this young man. He says both of these activities help core body balance and strength. He’s dancing to his own step, his own rhythm.

Have you ever taken a look at a skill you’re developing and decided to add something else to make it even better? Maybe it’s your favorite recipe, and you want to jazz it up a bit. Or perhaps it’s a new tradition for the holidays.

For me, I’m learning to record mp3s so I can download scripts or sessions for my clients. Once I have this knowledge, other doors can open. Group meetings, online coaching, Youtube presentations: there are nights I can hardly sleep for my excitement. And this from someone who just learned some computer skills, with the patient help of a good friend, a very few years ago. I can hardly recognize myself. I’m living unstuck!

(By the bye, other football players are taking up Irish dance too. A 350-pound linebacker, dancing nimbly away, is a sight to behold).

Are you open to something new? A new hobby? A way to make new friends? Curious about anything different? Do it! Live outside the box. What box? Live unstuck. #Unstuck Living

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do.

It comes from Overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.


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